"The variety, beauty and deliciousness of Paula's beans make any menu better!


The sensual feel and colorful look of them in your hand, the beautiful aromatics as they cook and the final delicious and nutritious dish make her beans precious!


Organic, sustainable and local, her beans are simply the best!"


- Lucia Watson
    Lucia's, Minneapolis



This pink and white variety dates back to at least the 1830's, from the Cherchei Nation in Tennessee. They hold thier shape well when cooked, though the markings fade, and their creamy texture is backed up with rich, earthy flavor.




Orca (aka Yin Yang)


Strikingly marked black and white beans, they expand when cooked into fat little morsels of deliciousness. The markings, though softened, are still visible.




Jacob's Cattle Gold


These were the signature bean of Encore Farm's first year. An eye-catching gold with white splotches, they are a standardized cross between Jacob's Cattle and Paint beans. Excellent for braising, they hold their shape well.





Kenearly Yellow Eye


A good baking bean, developed in Nova Scotia. I love them slow-simmered with a smoked ham hock in a crockpot, where the skins soften and the beans melt into a creamy broth. Total comfort food.





Ireland Creek Annie


An English heirloom, grown at Ireland Creek Farm in British Columbia since the 1930's.  A tan bean with hints of light green, it's a wonderful soup bean, as it makes its own broth when it's stewed. I like to cook these up in a saucepan with fresh thyme and garlic, finish them with a good fresh feta, and eat them by the bowlful.




Painted Pony


An adorable bi-colored bean, good for soups and salads. Holds its shape well, and retains its markings when cooked. Lovely, nutty flavor.




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